A Guide to Mexico

Mexico is a multicultural country. It has a diverse population of over 116 million people. Each state of the Mexican Republic has its own cultural traditions. Many are based on the living heritage of the indigenous population. As a luxury travel destination Mexico offers a desirable fusion of tradition and innovation. Adventure and relaxation. Old and new.  

Now easily accessible by air from across the globe Mexico is a culturally decadent choice for your dream vacation.

Where to Stay?  

 Los Cabos:  

Los Cabos is located on the southernmost tip of the Baja California Peninsula. It is swathed by the waters of the Pacific Ocean on one side and the Gulf of Mexico on the other.  Los Cabos provides a magical synergy of dramatic cliffs and sultry desert. There are cool waters and endless stretches of white sandy beach. It promotes unrivalled relaxation. Los Cabos offers some of the most luxurious resorts in the world. It is easy to see why iy is often referred to as the playground of the rich and famous. It offers an abundance of experiences and activities. It also has unparalleled natural beauty. Relax in a beachside retreat or swim with whale sharks. Eat street side fish tacos or enjoy the finest dining. Eclectic night life to mesmerising sunsets. Enjoy golf overlooking the inspiring Sea of Cortez. Los Cabos offers something for everyone. 

Beyond its beautiful beaches Los Cabos is Mexico's hub of arts and culture. The area hosts many events throughout the year. It is a popular setting for those seeking creative inspiration. During February visitors may enjoy the two day San Jose del Cabo Jazz Festival. Whilst in March the Internationally recognised Gala de Danza presents a plethora of dancers and musicians. Creative performers come from around the world. 

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 Cancun, Tulum and Riviera Maya:  

If you're dreaming of azure waters and white sand beaches then Mexico's Caribbean coastline springs to mind. So does the Riviera Maya. A popular choice for families, couples and those who enjoy water sports. There is diving, snorkelling, and swimming in the warm waters of Cancun, Tulum, and the Mayan Riviera. Snooze away your days in a hammock on a barely touched coastline. Relax in a luxurious beachfront villa. Succumb to some retail therapy at a range of curated boutiques. Dance the night away in the nightclubs of Cancun. Explore the temples of ancient Mayan cities. The luxury Riviera Maya has it all. 

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Playa del Carmen:  

Historically this was a sleepy fishing village enjoying a deserted beach. Playa del Carmen has evolved as one of the most modern holiday destinations in Mexico. It is situated in the state of Quintana Roo. This popular resort town is now best known for its palm tree lined beaches, vibrant night life and coral reefs. Playa del Carmen offers a wide range of activities and water sports for the whole family. Enjoy a sleepy sunset sail or try your hand at kite flying and horse riding on the coast.  

For families seeking a truly unique experience the Xoximilco is not to be missed. This floating fiesta takes guests on a fun filled dinner cruise. The cruise travels along the winding canals of adjoining towns through to Mexico City. It stops along the way for authentic guacamole and quesadillas. The tour includes colourful activities, live music and dancing.   

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Peurto Vallarta:  

Puerto Vallarta is perhaps the most diverse of Mexico's recognised regions for luxury travel. Puerto Vallarta offers an explorer's paradise of rugged mountains, forests and rock formations. These unfold into some of the country's most unspoilt beaches. Puerto Vallarta is nestled along the Pacific coast in Bahia de Banderas (which translates to Bay of Flags). It provides all of the necessary ingredients for a serene or adventurous vacation.  

Whilst visiting Peurto Vallarta why not take the opportunity to learn about the creation of Tequila. Or maybe learn about its smokier counterpart mezcal. This is the country's signature tipple. Sample a chilled sip or two of Don Julio at a rustic taverna. Or visit one of the city's many upscale nightclubs.  

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Something Extra Special?  

Pueblos Magicos (Magic Towns)  

Mexico has identified 100 towns and villages as magic towns. These have unique offerings including gastronomy, festivals and natural beauty spots. A visit to Pueblos Magicos leads you away from heavily populated paths to diverse and colourful areas. These are rich in authentic culture and history.  

Huatesca Potosina  

A truly magical area of natural beauty. Discover the lesser explored eco cultural region of Huastecas in San Luis Potosi. A visit will delight you with dramatic landscape and archaeological sites. It offers unique cuisine and memories to treasure for a lifetime.



Local currency in Mexico is the Mexican Nuevo Peso. This is known colloquially as the Peso. We recommend that you prepare this ready to take with you on your trip. US dollars are often accepted in tourist driven areas such as Cancun and Playa de Carmen. However, you can expect to pay from 10% to 20% more for your purchase for the convenience. Once in Mexico it is easier to exchange US Dollar notes and travellers cheques into local currency than British Sterling.This can be done at most banks and bureaux de change. For those travelling from the UK, debit and credit cards are widely accepted for payment and at local ATMs. US dollars are not accepted at most small stores and restaurants outside of tourist areas. Pesos are essential when driving for toll fees. They are also essential if you wish to visit sites such as the Mayan ruins, Pueblos Magicos and the Pacific Coast. 


With contrasting landscape throughout its states and regions Mexico's climate is variable. Generally winters are mild at between 20 and 24 degrees celsius. However, in Mexico City and areas where there is higher elevation above sea level conditions can be freezing during winter months. Throughout summer months temperatures begin at around 28 degrees celsius inland. On the coast you can expect up to a tropically hot and humid 36 degrees celsius. Across the Country the rainy season runs from May to October. 



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